We wish to extend our sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives due to the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. We also express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who has contracted the disease and hope for their early recovery.
Moreover, we convey our deepest gratitude to the medical health experts who are battling the coronavirus, and to the many essential workers in production, transportation and the sale of daily essentials, among other areas.
The MTI Group has since mid-March 2020 largely made the transition to a teleworking system to enable employees to work from home. It has also had a teleworking standardization system in place since October 2020.
We are making every effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, giving first priority to the safety and health of employees and all other stakeholders. We truly hope that the spread of the coronavirus disease will be contained at the earliest possible stage.

Overview of financial results of Q3 FY2021

The sales of “Cloud drug record service” has been increasing
The growth in security-related app’s subscribers

 Looking at the Group’s business environment during the first nine months under review, the Japanese economy is severely affected by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Amid this, its impact on the Group was limited and it worked on various initiatives in the content business and in the healthcare business with a view towards continued growth in the future.
 In the content business, the Group increased the number of new subscribers to the AdGuard security-related app, which was in high demand, although the acquisition of new subscribers through mobile phone stores remained weak. It also increased monthly distribution of original comics to digital comic distributors.
 In the healthcare business, the Group facilitated collaboration with its partner, Medipal Holdings Corporation, in a bid to spur more pharmacies to introduce the cloud drug record service, given that the appetite for the introduction of this service was growing due to the revision of the Medical Fee System, and to promote sales of child bearing-related solutions, such as the maternal health record book app, to local governments.
 As a result, net sales stood at ¥19,504 million yen (up 0.1% year on year) and gross profit at ¥14,356 million yen (up 1.3% year on year).

 The Company will work hard to expand sales and cut losses of its healthcare business, which is expected to play a key role in increasing revenue and earnings in the future. In the content business, it will make every effort to increase the number of paying subscribers by expanding sales of the AdGuard security-related app and striving to bolster the original comic distribution business.

We are focusing on consecutively
healthcare business.

The sales of “Cloud drug record service” has been increasing
Promoting in “Boshimo” Childcare DX service

 The Company takes medium- and long-term perspectives in its engagement in the healthcare business, which has strong potential for future growth and compared with BtoC transactions, may move toward a more stable stock-type business through the establishment of long-term business relationships with customers. Therefore, the Company is committed to implementing a variety of measures to achieve sales growth.
 Among others, the cloud drug record service will help the healthcare business attain continuous sales growth, since the appetite for introducing the service has been growing among pharmacies due to the revision of the Medical Fee System. The Company will accelerate sales tie-ups with companies that provide IT solutions to pharmacies to make sure that more stores will introduce the service, while simultaneously strengthening collaboration with its partner, Medipal Holdings Corporation.
 If will also take measures to increase paid subscriptions and use rates with respect to online medical examinations and online medication advice while also enhancing childcare-related services with a focus on local governments that have introduced the Boshimo the maternal health record book app.

We hope that we can continue to count on your support as we pursue our initiatives.

August, 2021
President and Chief Executive Officer

代表取締役社長 前多俊宏