We are providing the main items viewed as potential risk factors for our business development. Items that are not necessarily risk factors for our business development but that are important and useful for making investment judgments and items important for understanding our business activities are actively disclosed to investors.
 We are aware of the possibility of these risks occurring, and we will work to prevent them and will respond promptly if they should occur. However, decisions on investment in shares in the Company need to be made in careful consideration of these items and items contained in this report. Furthermore, please keep in mind that the items mentioned below do not cover all possible risks associated with investing in our shares.

1. Over-reliance on certain individuals

President and Chief Executive Officer Toshihiro Maeta plays a central role in creating new business models and plays an important role in promoting operations. To create a management structure that does not depend excessively on President Maeta, we are working to cultivate human resources. However if Mr. Maeta is ever unable to perform his duties for some reason, our results may be impacted significantly.

2. Unexpected changes in the business environment

In our core mobile content business, actual net sales, cost of sales, selling, general and administrative expenses, and other results may differ significantly from our current forecasts for the reasons below. In this case, we could be forced to change our management policy and strategy, which could have a significant impact on our results.

(1) Changes in the market environment result in factors of uncertainty that could not be foreseen when making business plans. Such changes could include the decrease in paid subscribers being much bigger than expected, or the utilization of paid contents declining and user preferences changing rapidly due to the emergence of free contents.
(2) We are unable to differentiate ourselves from competing companies in terms of content material, quality or price, and therefore are unable to acquire the target number of paid subscribers. Either that, or the competition for new subscribers with competing firms becomes sharper and price competition intensifies, which causes subscribers to our services to replace them with services of competitors or makes it harder to maintain cost competitiveness and secure the target number of paid subscribers.
(3) Technical innovations proceed at a rapid pace and there are changes to the development/provision of services that meet the needs of smartphone users. The form of income and services/technologies become obsolete due to delays in responding to the advancing technologies. Content production costs increase more than expected, an efficient development system for content development cannot be maintained and earnings cannot be secured.
(4) Cannot obtain the target number of paid subscribers due to a sudden saturation/reduction of the mobile contents market, or because advertising could not produce the desired impact on sales due to a drastic change in the way paid subscribers are gained, among other factors, or obtaining profit becomes difficult due to a bigger-than-expected increase in cost for acquiring contents.
(5) As for the fee-based billing services provided by the Company or those the Company handles for other companies, the percentage of subscribers obtained through cellphone shops across Japan, its mainstay sales channel for mobile devices, is extremely high. As a result, it may become difficult to secure additional new subscribers if the roles of the sales channel change dramatically for various reasons, such as the introduction of legal restrictions and administrative guidance, the imposition of restrictions by cellphone carriers, and changes in the business environment.
(6) In the fee-based billing services provided by the Company or those the Company handles for other companies, the number of new subscribers tends to change when cellphone carriers launch new models of mobile devices (sales seasons are usually in March, July, August and December). As a result, it may become difficult to secure additional new subscribers if the effects of new model launches during sales seasons for mobile devices are less than expected or if no effects of new model launches are expected.
(7) We engage in the healthcare-related information service business, the market for which is expected to expand in the future and which is believed to have high growth potential over the medium to long terms. However, it is difficult to forecast the impact of the business and an unexpected change may result in our failure to achieve the initial business plan or create the expected effect, with the result that earnings may not justify the prior investment.
(8) Laws and regulation that could be relevant to our industry include the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, Consumer Contract Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Medical Care Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, Antimonopoly Act, and Act on Regulation on Soliciting Children by Using Opposite Sex Introducing Service on Internet.
3. Dependence on specific businesses

As below in the last two consolidated fiscal years, the Company depended heavily on cellphone carriers in terms of sales: The ratio of sales to cellphone carriers accounted for a high percentage of total sales. If cellphone carriers change their policies on Internet connection services, the Company’s results and future business development could be seriously impacted.

Client FY2019 FY2020
(thousand yen)
Ratio(%) Amount
(thousand yen)
NTT DOCOMO, INC. 13,524,160 49.9 12,041,027 46.2
KDDI CORPORATION 6,051,524 22.3 5,755,838 22.1
SoftBank Corp. 843,062 3.1 696,303 2.7

(Note) Consumption tax is not included in the above amounts.

4. Content provided by content holders

Copyright licenses for much digital content, including music, books, video and others, are held exclusively by content holders. If copyright license agreements with content holders are amended or terminated and we are no longer able to provide popular content, we will not be able to obtain the content from other sources and our results could be seriously impacted.

5. Hiring, retaining, and cultivating human resources

As described in Issues to address, the Company continues to enhance its marketing capacity, quality control capacity, development capacity, design capacity, and sales capacity to expand operations and achieve sustainable growth. If we cannot hire, retain, and cultivate human resources with high skills for enhancing those capacities, our results could be seriously impacted.

6. Information networks become inoperable

Our operations use communication lines and information systems. If they cannot be used for a long period due to the disconnection of communication lines caused by natural disasters or accidents, systems going down due to a greater-than-expected surge in access, viruses, or the hacking of computers, we could be forced to suspend operations, which could seriously impact our results.

7. Personal information leaks

We thoroughly protect personal information by building a tight control system to ensure information security, developing rules and regulations on the handling of information, and providing education and training for our employees and business partners. However, if a problem arises due to a personal information leak, our results could be seriously impacted.

8. Intellectual property right infringement

We are always careful not to infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights. However, we may infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights without realizing it. If we have to pay damages or suffer other losses as a result of a third party’s claim for damages or filing an injunction or other lawsuits, our results could be seriously impacted.

9. Uncollected charges

We commission chiefly cellphone carriers to collect monthly charges from paid subscribers. If the continuance of agreements with carriers becomes difficult or fees for the collection of charges change due to changes in their business strategies, among other reasons, or if uncollected charges increase under some circumstances, our results could be impacted.

10. Ensuring the security and health of websites

We provide certain services that allow the general public to communicate with each other using the services’ messaging functions. If any major trouble occurs due to a violation of the terms of use, among other reasons, the Company could be held responsible or the credibility and image of the Company’s services could decline, which could impact the Company’s results.