The MTI Group has adopted the IR policies described below for the purpose of achieving management transparency and communicating corporate information fairly and in a timely and appropriate manner.

Position of IR Activities

Based on the Company’s recognition that all of its stakeholders, including its shareholders and investors (referred to below collectively as “market-related parties”), are important partners for development of its business, the MTI Group has positioned its IR activities as a vitally important communications activity for establishing a relationship of mutual trust between the MTI Group and market-related parties, and as one of the most important issues for management.

Basic Policies

To establish a relationship of long-term mutual trust with market-related parties, the MTI Group will implement its IR activities based on the following basic policies.

  1. Accurate and prompt information disclosure
    The MTI Group will provide accurate information to market-related parties on a timely basis.
  2. Impartial information disclosure
    The MTI Group will not intentionally and selectively disclose “important non-public information.”
  3. Active information disclosure
    The MTI Group will seek to expand information disclosure in accordance with the needs of market-related parties.
  4. Easy-to-understand information disclosure
    The MTI Group will endeavor to disclose information by using easy-to-understand expressions and diagrams, and utilizing various means to convey information.
Information Disclosure Standards
  1. The MTI Group will disclose information in accordance with the Commercial Code, Securities Exchange Law and other laws and regulations as well as the “Rules Concerning Timely Disclosure of Company Information by Issuers of Listed Securities” prescribed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (Referred to below as “the timely disclosure rule.”)
  2. The policy of the MTI Group is to also actively and impartially disclose information that is not subject to the timely disclosure rule, to the extent possible based on appropriate procedures, when such information can support the needs of market-related parties.
Information Disclosure Procedures

For information disclosure, as a rule, the MTI Group will disclose information using the Timely Disclosure Network system (TDnet). MTI will place the information disclosed publicly using TDnet on the Company’s website promptly after confirming release of the information on the Timely Disclosure Information Listing Service.

Quiet Period

To prevent information that might affect the Company’s stock price from being leaked during the period when the Company is preparing its financial and operating results for disclosure, the MTI Group will invoke a “quiet period” immediately prior to disclosure of financial results information, during which time it will refrain from responding to comments or questions concerning the MTI Groups financial results and from holding separate meetings and analyst briefings. The MTI Group will disclose information during the “quiet period” when appropriate, however, if it projects a substantial variance from the operating results forecast it has previously released.