MTI is helping to build a sustainable society through a wide range of activities.

Support activities for disaster victims

Life Ranger Weather supports the victims of natural disasters by donating a portion of its revenues through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Support for children of the world

Collecting caps of plastic bottles has become a company-wide campaign involving all employees. We collected
and sold 116,960 caps in 2015 to a recycling company through the NPO Ecocap Movement. The proceeds were
donated to the certified NPO, the Japan Committee for Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV), which provided
vaccinations for 136 children.
MTI actively uses Vaccine Paper for company envelopes.By using the paper, the Company supports to campaigns
that provide vaccinations to children around the world. Vaccine Paper is a paper that includes a donation
to the JCV.
《Vaccine Paper》
Original printing paper jointly created by Taihei Printing Co., Ltd., and Japan Pulp and Paper Co.,Ltd. By using the type of paper, donation of ¥2per kilo gram will be made.