Everyone’s payment,
a step forward

Breaking out of the framework of mobile contents, MTI Ltd. is shifting to the creation of services that make people’s
lives more convenient and richer by connecting to social systems via smartphones.
By taking advantage of our knowledge on services for individuals,
part of our focus, as well as our past achievements in backyard system development,
we have entered the fintech area and launched a smartphone payment service.

Through smartphones, we will eliminate every inconvenience with payments.
MTI’s fintech delivers new value that did not previously exist,
making the world move one step forward.

2018年春 &Pay(アンドペイ)PROJECTはじまる

Smartphone Payment
and Transfer Service

Making payments simpler and
transactions richer.
“&Pay” will change store payments and
money transfers between individuals.

Future Payments
Realized by &Pay


  • Removing the burden of cash payments, and realizing speedy payments with a smartphone.
  • Eliminating consumers’ fear of spending a lot of money by allowing a payable limit to be set.
  • There are no fees, unlike e-money, because the money is withdrawn directly from the bank account.
  • Money can be transferred in real-time via smartphone.
  • No transfer fee is required, even when money is transferred to an account in a different bank.
  • Freedom from the hassle of worrying about money, which is managed by the application.

Affiliated stores

  • The service has lower fees than credit cards.
  • No initial introductory costs are required if you have a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Sale proceeds will be credited to your bank account next day.
  • A sales report is provided, which can be used for sales promotions and marketing activities.
  • The variety of sales tools will increase from the consumer perspective, such as notifications and coupon distribution.

Banking facilitiesc

  • The cash flow trend of bank account holders can be understood and utilized for financing to local companies, etc.
  • Fees are expected, which did not exist for cash payments.
  • From a long-term perspective, as the cashless trend advances, costs for maintaining ATMs and cash handling services at the counter will be reduced.

MTI Group’s Business
Solutions are chosen
by Many Banking Facilities

MTI Group’s Business Solutions are chosen
by Many Banking Facilities

Optimizing PC websites
for smartphones

Four Reasons
Why It Is Selected

by Clients

Best conversion records
of financial facilities’ websites

  • 01

    Knowledge and
    past records of MTI,
    which knows everything
    about the mobile business

  • 02

    Building smartphone
    websites by eliminating
    development without
    changing PC websites

  • 03

    Our owned devices and
    supportability range over
    all models from
    all carriers.

  • 04

    Our website improvement and
    UX design consulting,

    which utilizes the skills of
    mobile and smartphone
    specialists and our
    administrative experience

AI Solutions that Solve
Company Difficulties

AMY is a service provided by a MTI’s group company, Automagi Inc.

Dramatically reducing the operational loads of companies, and reducing labor in man-power dependent operations , which require human resources and knowledge, by making use of the latest machine learning technologies and natural language processing technologies.

  • AI for natural


    Responds to inquiries from end users and shortens the service time of operators at companies.

  • AI for data


    Realizes numerical estimates and automatic learning optimization to maximize the efficiency of the measures in operation.

  • AI for image
    and video


    Provides comprehensive support for automation of simple visual checks and the establishment of a company-specific image and video analysis engine.