Make everyone’s health
a step forward

In November 2000, we launched Luna-Luna, a healthcare information service for women.
Used by women, the app has now penetrated and has exceeded 11 million downloads*.
Making use of our accumulated know-how from Luna-Luna,
MTI Ltd. is currently working on the development of a variety of new services for men and
women that support the health of a wide range of generations.

Making everyone’s health move one step forward through services that utilize ICT technologies.
MTI Ltd. will continuously support the realization of rich and healthy lives for more people.

  • *As of July 2017

From -1 to 100 years old.
Being Close to
Consumers, MTI Ltd.’s
Healthcare Service

Health care services list

母子手帳アプリ 母子モ
health handbook app
Healthcare information
service for women
Condition management
system for athletes
Physical data
management app
KARADAmedica カラダメディカ
Q&A site through which
users can contact doctors

Target age of each service

Connect the world,
a step forward

Aiming to achieve a healthier and more convenient society,
we are promoting healthcare services and collaborations with a variety of companies,
local governments and organizations.

By linking hospitals and patients,
companies and employees and local governments and the childcare generation,
we will connect the world to move a step further.
MTI Ltd. will provide entirely new value by connecting information
that has been separately accumulated and disseminating it.

Realizing a healthcare data management database
that makes use of collaborations with companies, local governments and organizations and can link data among the respective services.

Providing New Value to Healthcare
Disseminating Information through
IoT/AI technologies

Experience new value when the information disseminated to various locations, such as consumers,
medical institutions and local governments,
is linked with the power of IoT and AI.
MTI Ltd.’s healthcare service connects information across all boundaries and facilitates innovations in daily life.

Connecting Local Governments
with the
Childcare Generation
“Boshimo”, the Child and Childcare
Support Service

Childcare generation

Electronic other-and-child health handbook function
Health records for expectant mothers
Child growth records
Immunization schedule management
Remembrances of the first day when the child did something, data sharing among family members (record changes and events during pregnancy and after delivery, along with photos)


Child and childcare support service
Accumulates data about the daily health condition during pregnancy, during delivery and throughout the childcare years and utilizes it for various childcare

Local government

Delivers local childcare information for each local government
Local news/childcare information
Local events/childcare support Facility search
First-aid advice for children Push notifications / personalization functions
About “Boshimo”


Useful Information and Functions for the Childcare Generation

The app supports parents during pregnancy and the childcare years with its recording function, which automatically displays the mothers condition and weight and the child’s growth before and after delivery in a graph. Complicated immunization schedules can also be managed more conveniently through the automatic schedule calculation and reminder alert functions. The app also provides helpful information about childcare, such as required procedures and local events. With the function that shares the child’s growth and important days with grandparents who live far away, the app provides an environment where all family members can track the growth of the child to raise children with peace of mind.


Customizable for Each Local Government that Has Introduced the Service

Used along with the mother-and-child health handbook, the app provides continuous support to the childcare generation, from pregnancy to delivery and childcare. Also, the app name and design can be customized for each local government. As information released from a local government can be easily received by smartphone, their opportunity to communicate with the childcare generation will increase, which will contribute to the activation of the local community.

Connecting Doctors
with Women
New function of Luna-Luna,
“Luna-Luna” Medico


Enters daily data in Luna-Luna app

“Luna-Luna Medico”

A new function of Luna-Luna connects doctors and women
Accumulates data such as menstrual cycle and basal body temperature


Views the data in Luna-Luna as medical interview data during a medical examination with the consent of the patient
About “Luna-Luna Medico”


Luna-Luna Medico Was Created from the Comments of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists

Over 80%* of obstetrics and gynecology specialists answered that they had experienced being presented data, such as menstrual cycle and basal body temperature, stored in digital tools. However, the labor and time required to check the data has become burden to doctors.
With such background, Luna-Luna launched the “Luna-Luna Medico” function, which can display such data on a special tablet terminal for doctors in a simplified and easy-to-understand way.
* An Internet survey targeting 111 obstetrics and gynecology specialists was conducted on April 21 and 22, 2017.


How to Use Luna-Luna Medico

Easy to Use for Patients:
Open the “Luna-Luna Medico” page in the Luna-Luna app, enter your date of birth, and allow disclosure of your data to doctors. Finally, issue a confirmation code regarding the disclosure. When undergoing a medical examination, tell the confirmation code to the doctor.
*Before undergoing a medical examination, check if your medical service providers are affiliated with the service.

Connecting Athletes and
from Professionals
to Amateurs
Condition Management System “Atleta”

Professional athletes, Students in club activities, and Sports school students

Enter personal condition information
Physical condition, sleep, fatigue level, heart rate, body temperature, weight, and so on
Content of meals
Menstrual date management (this function works with Luna-Luna)
Close communication with coaches
Injury management


Condition management system
Manages all information about the athlete via the cloud


Manages respective athletes’ conditions and provides nutritional guidance Enhances communication
Message board and messaging functions
Schedule management
About “Atleta”


Condition Management for Athletes

By cultivating the habit of managing their daily condition by recording their physical condition, sleep, meals, and exercise details, athletes can enhance their self-management skills, which stimulates effective growth. With the meal management function, which analyzes deficiencies, excess calories and nutrition, and the menstrual date management function, which works with Luna-Luna, the system helps athletes to understand their own condition and exhibit maximum performance.


Facilitating Communication between
Coaches and Athletes

Because coaches can easily manage the attendance/absence of athletes, scheduled matches and others, they can reduce the labor of notifications and clerical work, which are required to manage the team. By learning the opinions of the team members using the questionnaire function and quickly exchanging messages, coaches can closely communicate with athletes.

Connecting Companies,
Health Examination Institutions
with Consumers

Physical Data Management App, “CARADA”

Physical data management app CARADA,
which acts as a hub to connect consumers with companies,
pharmacies, health examination institutions and
health insurance associations

The CARADA app can record and manage a variety of physical data, such as the number of steps taken, weight, meals and blood pressure. The recorded data and graphs are useful for daily health management and reviewing daily habits.
We also offer a packaged service that utilizes the functions of CARADA and its accumulated data to support companies, pharmacies, health examination institutions and health insurance associations to solve their problems and improve their services.