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*For information on the MTI’s policy on handling personal information, please refer to “Approach to Protecting Personal Information
*For information on the MTI’s IR policy, please refer to IR Policy.

Terms of Use
1. Use of the Website
  • The use of this Site shall be undertaken at the user’s own responsibility.
    Please be aware that MTI does not guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of any and all information.
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    MTI reserves the right to suspend or close this Site without providing any prior notice to users.
    * For more information on the use of website about IR information, please click here.

2. Trademarks
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3. Copyright and other rights
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  • You are therefore requested to contact the MTI to obtain permission before making use of content. (
    Note that permission to use such content may be refused if the intended usage is deemed inappropriate by the MTI.
4. Prohibitions

The following acts are prohibited when using this website.

  • Any act that violates or that may violate property rights or privacy of a third party or the Company
  • Any act that causes or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Company
  • Any act that is detrimental to the reputation of or trust in a third party or the Company
  • Any act that is or may be offensive to public policy or good morals
  • Any criminal act or act that leads to or may lead to a crime
  • Any false declaration or notification, such as registering an e-mail address of someone else
  • Any sales activity or act for profit, or any act to prepare for such actions
  • Any act involving the use or provision of harmful programs, such as computer viruses, or any act that may lead to such actions
  • Any other act that violates or may violate laws, regulations or municipal rules
  • Any other act that MTI considers to be inappropriate
5. Linking to the Website
  • When linking to this site, you are requested to contact the MTI. (
6. Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction
  • Except where otherwise stipulated, the laws of Japan shall apply to the use of this site and the implementation of the Terms of Use.
    Except where otherwise stipulated, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first jurisdiction for all disputes related to this site.
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Basic Stance on Information Security

MTI Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) recognizes the importance of ensuring information security in order to conduct business activities efficiently. To protect the information assets owned by the Company, it has formulated the following basic policy on information security and will strive to facilitate initiatives for the maintenance of information security.

1. Formulation of the Information Security Policy

The Company has formulated the Information Security Policy to put the basic stance into practice, ensuring that the Company’s officers and employees, as well as the relevant external parties, understand and observe the Policy.

2. Establishment of a system for managing information security

The Company will designate an information security administrator who is fully responsible for information security, and establish an information security committee to monitor the status of its overall information security. By taking these measures, the Company will implement the necessary countermeasures promptly.

3. Protection of information assets

The Company will respond appropriately to incidents that may cause the loss or deterioration of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its own information assets.

4. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company will comply with laws and regulations, as well as other standards, in conjunction with information security.

5. Implementation of education and training

The Company will continue to provide its officers and employees with education and training to ensure that they have a high level of understanding of and interest in information security.

6. Prevention of and response to security accidents

The Company will strive to prevent security accidents from occurring. If they do occur, it will take emergency measures to minimize any loss and determine the cause thereof, while implementing measures to prevent recurrence.

7. Revisions and improvements

The Company will revise the basic policy as necessary and constantly improve it to adapt to changes in such areas as management environments, societal environments, laws, regulations and other standards, as well as the development of information-related technologies.
Established on October 1, 2008


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